Hibiscus & Home

Hibiscus & Home is a teenager contemporary book about trans experience and identity, told through the contrasting perspectives of two transgender teenage boys with vastly different lives.

Although the word sounds the same in their mouths, and looks the same written down, being trans doesn't mean the same thing to Everett as it does to Kylen. Everett takes a tremendous amount of pride in the word. Whereas, after eight years of living as a trans man, the word has grown to taste sour on Kylen's tongue. When they meet at their local LGBTQ youth club, Everett and Kylen struggle to get along. But, when the situation arises, they find themselves having to work together to stop the club from getting shut down - for both of their sakes. Amongst liking a girl that doesn't know he's trans, trying to salvage a relationship with his transphobic parents, and dealing with the misbehaviour of the boys that he calls his friends, Kylen has a lot on his mind. Meanwhile, Everett tries to figure out who he is in conjunction with his trans identity, and attempts to improve his confidence before starting sixth form college in September. They've both got things to ask the world, and they've also both got answers - just not for their own questions.

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Contains explicit language and mature themes of abuse, homophobia, mental health issues, sexism, sexual themes, suicide, transphobia, underage drinking, underage smoking, and violence.